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ARCHeS is a suite of online healthcare simulation and analytics tools designed to provide answers to questions about the health outcomes and economic effects of different interventions in specific populations and healthcare settings.

Create and Present Compelling Evidence

Archimedes Healthcare Simulator

Generate best-in-class simulation data with the Archimedes Model using ARCHeS Trial Designer to set up simulations and exploring the results in ARCHeS Outcomes Analyzer.

Integrate and compare real-world data from multiple sources in real time using the ARCHeS Population Explorer (ARCHeS PE).

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ARCHeS was created with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneer Portfolio.

In 2007 RWJF awarded a $15.6 million grant to Archimedes, Inc. to develop the ARCHeS tool to ensure that the Archimedes Model would be widely accessible to public sector decision makers and used for the public good.

As a result, ARCHeS is offered to academics, non-profits, and governments with discounts ranging between 67-97.5%.

For example, the Indefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract allows government employees to use the Archimedes ARCHeS software suite to perform healthcare modeling activities at a 97.5% discount.