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What is the Archimedes Model?
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The Archimedes Model is a carefully validated, clinically realistic, simulation model of health and healthcare. By using advanced methods of mathematics, computing, and data systems, the Model enables researchers and decision makers to make better informed decisions.

What sets the Archimedes Model apart?

Unlike other models, the Archimedes Model includes:

  • A wide range of diseases/conditions
  • Healthcare delivery systems
  • Customizable interventions, tests, and treatments
  • Customizable populations to match real populations
  • Patient and physician behaviors

The Model has been used by many organizations to help answer a wide variety of questions related to clinical trials, policy setting, performance measurement, and health economics and outcomes research.  More...

How the Model works

The Model was built using data from clinical trials, observational studies, and retrospective studies. The core of the Model is hundreds of equations that represent human physiology and the effects of diseases, tests, and treatments in a clinically realistic way. More...

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How it Started
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"I kept feeling the need for a much broader model that spanned all types of diseases and all types of interventions, so that you could make comparisons across diseases and interventions.

That is the type of model you need if you want to help solve problems such as comparing the values of different interventions, setting priorities, optimizing the quality of care, designing performance measures, creating incentive programs, or controlling costs while maximizing quality "

David Eddy, MD, PhD
Founder and CMO Emeritus
Archimedes Inc.