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Jon Williams (President and Chief Executive Officer)

Jon Williams is the President and CEO of Evidera, providing evidence-based solutions to help life sciences organizations optimize the value of their products. In his role as president, Jon leads a global, 360-person organization with more than 200 MDs, PhDs, and others with advanced degrees. Previously, Jon was Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, at Medco-UBC, responsible for organizational strategy, organic business development, input into inorganic business development, and establishing partnerships with life sciences organizations; a Senior Principal in the Los Angeles office of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG); and a Principal at the Monitor Group. He has more than twelve years of consulting experience in the healthcare industry.

Denis Getsios (Vice President and Senior Research Scientist)

Denis Getsios is Vice President, Modeling & Simulation and a Senior Research Scientist with Evidera. In his role, Denis leads the modeling and simulation practice area. He has specialized in the development of health economic models since 1996, working in numerous therapeutic areas, and has experience in discrete event simulation, Markov modeling, Monte Carlo simulations, survival partition analysis and other innovative techniques for assessing the health and economic impact of medical technologies.

Josh Adler (Vice President and GM, IndiGO)

Josh Adler leads the commercialization of IndiGO (Individualized Guidelines and Outcomes), an application of the Archimedes Model. Josh is responsible for overall business leadership of IndiGO, including strategy, sales, and business development activities. Josh has over 25 years of experience, primarily in venture capital-supported health services companies.

Tuan Dinh, PhD (Vice President, Analytics and Modeling)

Tuan Dinh provides strategic and tactical leadership to analytics and modeling activities. He has more than 18 years of experience developing advanced data analytics and modeling solutions to decipher and to manage complex systems and phenomena. His areas of expertise include health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), risk assessment and management, cost-effectiveness analysis, epidemiology, payor/provider analytics, clinical decision support systems, individualized guidelines, personalized medicine, clinical trial design, and big data applications.

Don Morris, PhD (Vice President, Scientific Product & Technology Development)

Don Morris leads the development of IndiGO and other products based on the individualized risk prediction and decision support methods he created in 2007. He is also responsible for research into new modeling technologies, quality control, and intellectual property development. Don has over 17 years of experience in bioinformatics and technology development.

Badri Rengarajan, MD (Vice President, Medical Affairs and Strategic Consulting)

Badri Rengarajan provides clinical input to simulation, modeling, and analytics projects; leads consulting engagements; and builds relationships with clients and clinical research leaders. He has over 15 years of healthcare industry experience including product development strategy & new product planning, regulatory affairs, market research, and business development. Badri was previously a Director of Business Development and Market Research at Nodality, Regulatory Team Leader at Genentech, and consultant with McKinsey and Company. He earned an AB in Biology and Public Policy from Harvard University and an MD from Yale University.

C. Andy Schuetz, PhD (Director, ARCHeS Product Development)

Andy Schuetz leads the research and development of software as a service products that leverage data analytics and the Archimedes Model to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare. Andy has 9 years experience in the healthcare and medical device space. Prior to joining the team, he developed light-based medical devices at Tria Beauty, and was a consultant at Exponent Failure Analysis. He received his BS and PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.

Brian Zuzga (Senior Software Architect, IndiGO)

Brian Zuzga leads the development of the IndiGO product, which provides individualized recommendations at the point of care, population management capabilities, and consumer applications. Brian has 19 years experience in the software and web application space and is a named inventor on six patents. Brian has experience working both in larger software organizations, like Oracle, CA, and BEA, and small, dynamic startups, like PointCast, Wily Technology, and ChemConnect. He received his SB and M.Eng in computer science from MIT.

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David Eddy, MD, PhD

David Eddy was responsible for the initiation and medical development of the Model. Starting more than 25 years ago, David wrote seminal papers on mathematical modeling, guidelines, and evidence in medical decision making.

David was the first to use and publish the term “evidence-based” and has pioneered the theory and applications of evidence-based guidelines. David is the author of five books, more than 100 first-authored articles, and a series of 30 essays for the Journal of the American Medical Association. His writings span from technical mathematical theories to broad health policy topics.

David has received top national and international awards in ten fields including operations research and management sciences, health technology assessment, environmental sciences, healthcare quality, outcomes research, pharmacoeconomics research, and managed care pharmacy.

David has been elected or appointed to more than forty national and international boards and commissions, including Consumers Union, the National Board of Mathematics, the World Health Organization Panel of Experts, The Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Advisory Panel, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance. He is a member of the Institute of Medicine/National Academy of Sciences.

Len Schlessinger, PhD

Len Schlessinger is responsible for the mathematics behind the original Archimedes Model. Prior to joining the Archimedes Team, Len worked for Pacific Sierra Research as an assistant vice president of applied physics where his work involved mathematical modeling of physical processes. Len also worked at R&D Associates, the University of Iowa, and the University of Illinois. Len received his BS in Physics at MIT and his PhD in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley.